Personalizing colorectal cancer diagnostics and prognosis


HiloProbe is a biotechnology company founded 2016. The founders consist of a group of scientists, who have collaborated for more than 15 years in an academic setting, and produced high quality original research focusing on the development of clinically useful biomarkers for colorectal cancer. The disturbing fact that only half of all colorectal cancer patients are cured - even after successful surgery – has been an incentive to develop the academic results into a clinically available product.


The research has been focused on analysis of the regional lymph nodes in the abdomen surrounding the primary tumor in the colon. The reason is that the lymph node is the first site where metastasizing cancer cells will occur. We have now discovered a limited number of biomarkers that, when analyzed together, identify cancer cells in the lymph node and grade cancer cell aggressiveness i.e. their propensity to metastasize to distant sites. A product (ColoNode®) based on biomarker mRNA analysis is under development. The aim is to bring ColoNode® to the market to save people´s lives and aid in the development of more efficient treatment of colorectal cancer.



Fast and detailed lymph node examination following colorectal cancer surgery, enabling accurate selection of patients in need of postoperative treatment.


Sten Hammarström, Chairman of the Board

Sten Hammarström – born 1940, Chairman since 2016 – is a Swedish Ph. D. in Immunology at Stockholm University and Professor emeritus of Immunology at Umeå University, Umeå, Sweden. Active in research on colorectal cancer, inflammatory bowel disease and celiac disease with focus on biomarkers and gene expression analysis for more than 40 years. Abbott award 1998.



Gudrun Lindmark

Gudrun Lindmark – born 1953. Board member since 2016 – is a Swedish M.D., Ph. D. in Surgery at Uppsala University. Active in clinical treatment and research in colorectal cancer. Involved in development of guidelines for treatment of colorectal cancer. Currently private practice in Malmö, recently adjungated Professor of Surgery, Lund University, Sweden.

Marie-Louise Hammarström


Marie-Louise Hammarström – born 1951. Board member since 2016 – is a Swedish Ph. D. in Immunology at Stockholm University. Professor of Immunology at Umeå University, Umeå, Sweden. Active in basic and translational research focusing on the immune defense of the human gut in health and disease for the last 25 years.

Lina Olsson, CEO


Lina Olsson – born 1981. CEO since 2016 – is a Swedish graduate Master of Science in Engineering Biology and has a Ph. D. in Immunology from Umeå University, Sweden (2011). More than 7 years of experience in biomarker research and 3 years of product development and business development.


Anne Israelsson, Technical expert


Anne Israelsson – born 1954. Technologist with more than 30 years of experience of Molecular Biology methodologies and deep product technical knowledge.


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