ColoNode® is a new type of biomarker test for quick, detailed and accurate identification of colorectal cancer patients at risk for recurrent disease after surgery. The test is based on analysis of a unique, carefully selected set of biomarker mRNAs to objectively detect cancer cells in lymph nodes with high specificity and sensitivity. Most importantly, the ColoNode is able to discriminate between aggressive and non-aggressive tumors and to allocate the patient to categories with different risk of recurrent disease, new features in this area.

With these advantages, ColoNode provides clinicians with a new approach in handling lymph node classification. By introducing the ColoNode test, a health care provider can expect far less misclassification in colorectal cancer diagnostics. With better selection of patients for postoperative treatment and follow-up, the test opens the possibility for accurate personalized colorectal cancer treatment and reduces the risk of under- or overtreatment. As a result, the ColoNode can reduce unnecessary suffering, help to improve quality of life in surviving patients and lower health care costs involved in cancer treatment.

WM Artphoto, Maria Westling

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