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We are a research-based company in the cancer diagnostic field. We are developing ColoNode® – a biomarker test for accurate detection and characterization, of cancer cells in lymph nodes of colorectal cancer patients.

Colorectal cancer is the third most common cancer worldwide. Half of all patients die from the disease, despite available treatments. Additional chemotherapy following surgery can reduce the risk of recurrent cancer, but the currently used methods for selecting patients for different treatment options are inaccurate and ineffective. This results in both over- and undertreatment with unnecessary human suffering and high costs.

HiloProbe is developing a highly accurate test to identify each patient’s need of treatment after surgery for colorectal cancer. Examination of lymph node tissue with ColoNode® offers clinicians a rapid, objective and accurate routine for detection of cancer cells and determination of their aggressiveness.

HiloProbe Awarded SEK 2 Million by Swedish Innovation Agency

HiloProbe has been granted SEK 2 million from Swedish Innovation Agency Vinnova to validate a product that detects and helps treat people with colorectal cancer. “This is an important grant for us and means we can validate our product and make it available to the...

The ColoNode product is now available for research use only

The ColoNode product is now available for research use only! Please, read more about ColoNode at www.colonode.se or click on ColoNode above. Contact us if you are interested to discuss more about ColoNode.

HiloProbe tar in miljonbelopp

Umeåbolaget HiloProbe har tagit fram en diagnostisk och prognostisk produkt för tjock- och ändtarmscancer. Nu tar man in miljonbelopp i en ny investerarrunda. – Kapitalet är avgörande för att vår produkt ska kunna nå patienterna och komma dem till nytta, säger Lina...

Northern Light Capital investerar i HiloProbe

HiloProbe tar in kapital – siktar mot en internationell marknad HiloProbe AB med säte i Umeå utvecklar nya diagnostiska metoder för kolorektalcancer, det vill säga cancer i tjock- och ändtarm. Detta är den tredje vanligaste cancertypen globalt och cirka 50 procent av...

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