Umeå University, has in collaboration with HiloProbe AB completed the first part of a new clinical study of its ColoNode biomarker test, which provides further important evidence for the product ColoNode’s benefits and usefulness in colon cancer.

“The results look promising”, says Lina Olsson, CEO of Hiloprobe AB

The Umeå-based company has developed a reagent kit together with web-based software that analyzes the lymph nodes of patients who have undergone colon cancer surgery. The results from its ColoNode test, when combined with other test results, can provide a more accurate assessment than current methods of whether a patient needs more treatment or if surgery has been successful.

“As many as 1.8 million patients worldwide are affected by colon and rectal cancer each year, and about half do not survive their illness. Our goal is for more patients to survive”, says Lina Olsson.

The company has previously conducted two clinical studies. A part of the third clinical study on ColoNode has now been completed. The study is a multicentre study performed in collaboration with Umeå University, which involved comparing the ColoNode test results directly to the clinical routine method used today.

“It is very positive that we have come this far. I can’t go into details about the results, but they look promising, and we look forward to the publication of the study. There is generally a great interest in our product, but extensive evidence (preferably from several different independent published studies) is also needed for ColoNode to start being used in hospitals”, concludes Lina Olsson.